Buy or Lease?

Buy or Lease?

Compare and decide if buying or leasing works best for you.




At the end of term, you have the option to purchase the vehicle or turn it in and lease a new vehicle, subject to the terms outlined in your lease agreement.

Vehicle is titled in your name, and you own the vehicle free and clear after the terms of your purchase finance agreement are fulfilled.

Down payment

The down payment amount for leasing a vehicle varies based on the lease transaction structure and monthly payment you desire, but generally, may be lower than buying.

In some cases, the down payment amount needed for buying may be higher compared to leasing.

Kilometer limits

Kilometer limits apply as agreed upon in your lease agreement. (Charges may be applied if kilometer limits are exceeded).

No contractual limits on kilometer. (Vehicle value generally declines with more kilometer).


Generally, you are required to service the vehicle according to GM’s recommendations and may not make any changes to the vehicle’s appearance, per the lease agreement.

You can change the appearance of your vehicle, and select which repairs to make, subject to the terms of the purchase finance agreement.

Monthly payments

Monthly payments may be lower than purchasing the same vehicle, since you only pay for the value of the vehicle during the term of the lease.

Monthly payments may be higher than leasing payments on the same type of vehicle, and the vehicle is paid over the term of the contract.

This information is for general information purposes only. For specific limitations, rules and restrictions on any specific financing, contact your dealer.