Vehicle Health Check

Stetson Service Advantage

At Stetson GM we have factory trained technicians to make sure your vehicle is in top condition! Vehicles are made differently and you want someone who is familiar with your type of vehicle.  Conducting a vehicle health check will ensure any required maintenance or repairs are brought to your attention and taken care of in a timely manner! Our team will have be back on the road quickly and safely!


What to Expect with a Vehicle Health Check

Vehicles are like people. They need care and attention to stay healthy. At Stetson GM we can help with that. With a little bit of awareness and the expertise of our technicians, your vehicle can be healthier, longer.

Your Tires

Your tires are essential to your vehicle’s health and especially your safety on the road. Tires are a driver’s only contact with the road, transferring actions such as steering, braking, accelerating, and turning. They are specifically chosen for each vehicle. You trust your tires to keep you on the road, and you can trust us to make sure they are balanced and aligned properly. Our team will help maintain your tires health by checking for any symptoms of regular wear before it causes any damage.

Tire Checks and Warning signs Include:

  • Cords or fabric showing through your rubber
  • The tire is punctured, cut, or has irreparable damage
  • Excessive inner or outer edge tire tread wear
  • The tire has a bulge or split
  • The wheel or rim leaks air
  • Patchy wear patterns

Your Brakes

Always make sure your brakes are healthy with regular checkups at Certified Service. They’re the hardest working part of your vehicle, so let’s make sure they stay that way.  There are five major components of a braking system: Caliper, pads, rotors, shoes and hose. Each with different signs of regular wear. Whether it’s replacing or fixing your brakes, leave it to our vehicle health experts at Stetson Gm for the best treatment.

Brake Checks and Warning Signs Include:

  • Difficulty stopping
  • Brake-pedal pulsation
  • Reduced braking force
  • Chirping, grinding or squealing noises
  • Your vehicles pulls to the left or right when the brakes are applied

Your Remaining Oil Life

Oil is essential to your vehicle’s health. Ignoring it can cause harm or damage to your engine. It’s a good idea to periodically check your oil. During your vehicles health check, our technicians will help determine the vehicles remaining oil life.

Oil Check and Warning Signs:

  • Noticeable oil leaks
  • Low oil pressure
  • Under-hood smoke
  • Tailpipe smoke
  • Warning signs on your dashboard

Your Battery Conditions & Connections

The battery is like your heart: it keeps everything running and it’s essential to your vehicle’s overall health. It’s important to take care of the battery, so your vehicle can run as smoothly as possible – especially during winter when the cold will add more stress to your battery. The batteries health, remaining life and cable connection are tested and visually examined.

Battery Symptoms Include:

  • Your vehicle has trouble starting
  • You hear clicking or buzzing when you turn the ignition on
  • The eye ( if equipped ) on your battery is dark or clear

Your Windshield Wipers

Wipers help keep the windshield clean from debris and unfavorable weather conditions. It’s important to have clear vision while driving. To avoid possible damage to the windshield, we take the time to check the front and rear wiper blades to make sure they work when you need them.

Wiper Symptoms:

  • Wipers skipping across the windshield
  • Wipers squeaking because they have worn blade edges
  • Wipers leaving streaks or missing sections
  • Wipers leaving a haze behind