Ask Our Shop Foreman – Karl

Meet Karl

Shop Foreman / Grand Master Technician

Karl Borzel is our shop foreman here at Stetson GM. He has actually been with the dealership 41 years. His expertise and knowledge and experience is second to none. Karl is also a member of the GM Tech Guild and has 40 years as a Grand Master. Here we have some videos about some common concerns and questions that we experience in the service drive. If you have any questions or concerns please call Karl at 780-542-5391


Karl explains the importance of wheel alignments, and the effect it has on the wear of your tires. A simple correction of your wheels and how they make contact with the pavement, can save you thousands of dollars down the road, and extend the life of your tires. Take a look!

• 4-Wheel Alignment
$129.95 (Plus Taxes & Shop Supplies)

Vehicle technology continues to advance as the years progress. Today, Karl explains what adaptive cruise is, how it is used, and when to use it. It comes with a lot of safety features which can benefit you as a driver. Always read your Owner’s Manual to better understand and utilize the new technologies that are continually implemented by GM.
**Special Note**
Adaptive cruise control should NEVER be used as a substitute for the safe operation of a motor vehicle, outlined in your Provincial Government’s Driver’s Guide handbook. Always adhere to transportation laws & legislation.

In Alberta, it’s no surprise we have long winters. And with seasonal cold temperatures, there is vital information we should consider when starting and operating a vehicle in sub-climates.  Karl is our expert, check out this video to get a quick rundown on the benefits of winter starting & preparations.

Your cabin air filter, is designed to keep your cabin air inside your vehicle; dust & pollen free. A clean cabin filter promotes clean air for you and your family to breathe and a prolonged, healthy H-VAC system that can extend the life of the blower motor.  We strongly encourage our customers to follow their maintenance schedules for recommendations. But this component, much like driving habits affecting your oil life, can be affected with the type of roads you drive on, and how often.

Summer is on its way–How is your coolant strength? Karl goes through the diagnostic steps of determining a coolant leak if you suspect there to be a concern. From hoses to water pumps and the dreaded head gasket leaks.


As your vehicle ages, and miles pile up on the mechanical components, so too does the wear and tear on the fluids, lessening its ability to help your vehicle run the way it was designed. Check out Karl’s video.

It is certainly obvious that technology is becoming more part of our everyday lives, especially our vehicles. Rearview cameras as an option for a vehicle, has become a thing of the past. The way of the future is definitely here. Karl explains the newer technology that is becoming more common in the vehicles we drive.

Your’e driving down the highway, and your Check Engine or SES light turns on. Your vehicle is communicating to you, and you should be paying attention. Apart from Onstar and Bluetooth technology, vehicles don’t communicate to us on a verbal level yet, but it will definitely give you cues that can save you massive inconvenience while on your travels. #KarlExplains

There are many reasons to have Stetson GM look after your vehicle’s safe operation, functionality and performance. Karl explains  the rigorous training our shop staff goes through in order to be qualified to work on your vehicle. We are very proud of our technicians, and they have shown exemplary skill and application in their practice.

The parking brake system has evolved. As vehicles are becoming more advanced in their technologies, automotive manufacturers are introducing more innovations to enhance the driver’s experience.




There are various things to look for on your vehicle that can be cause major problems. That is  why Stetson GM is  commit to making sure your vehicle is always Safe and Ready. Did you know that the extreme cold can be a factor against the seals on your vehicle. Trust our expert technicians to do a thorough inspection when you bring your vehicle in for a Multipoint Health Check.

As a rule, when you introduce more electronic technological elements, there are often mechanical features that come hand in hand with these innovations. Brake pads. Simple right? Not so much in the newer trucks.

In fact, GM has developed an electro-mechanical system where drivers can now monitor the life of their brake pads on their instrument clusters, or better known as the Driver Information Centre. Karl explains the practical walk through, when having your brake pads serviced.

*Disclaimer: This is not an instructional video on how to service brake pads on the newer GM trucks, but rather educational. We encourage our drivers to consult a professional, certified GM technician if you are considering servicing your brake pads in the near future.

Start/Stop systems have been around since 1983 with the art of its purpose not having been fully achieved until recently. The S/S System has now been executed into full implementation in recent years, capable of cutting idling emissions right down to the ZERO, without compromising primary vehicle components & function.

Since 2015, this system started showing up on global auto markets everywhere, where today, you can find them even in basic trim levels in the automobile society.

Karl explains how this system works, and how it benefits both you and reduces your carbon footprint.

Karl explains the standard function of the struts [suspension components] in this vehicle, and how it can affect how your vehicle handles, and absorbs force during a stop. The strut components of your vehicle supports the quality of your ride. If your struts are in poor condition, you will definitely notice a change in your vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Because struts are a suspension component, and the suspension components are linked to your steering components, it can be deemed a safety concern when they are on their way out.

Karl explains the basics of your vehicle’s ABS system, and how it works, and what to watch for when your vehicle engages this safety feature. (ABS) Anti-Lock Braking Systems were introduced over 50 years ago, and the technology has since advanced to ensure drivers are kept safe on icy and snowy roads like ours.

We don’t want to say it or even mention it, but whether we do or do not, it happens every year, Winter.  BUT it’s our Prime Season as Canadians! We own it, and we should push our chests out in pride that we can weather the winter climate here in the true north. One way to be ready and prepared, is ensuring our vehicles are set for the driving conditions.  Karl explains the functions & design of winter and all season tires, and how they are not the same in essence.

A simple yet crucial part of safe vehicle operation, Karl explains why it is important to upkeep your wiper blades, and how to maintain them.

Here’s how you can know when to change your wiper blades:

  • STREAKING / SMEARING: Your blades are not giving you a clear wipe of your windshield, causing a smear of the elements across your screen as opposed to a clean wipe.
  • RUBBER DETERIORATION: The rubber compound is starting to make chirping sounds while in operation or is starting to separate from the aluminum channel causing poor contact to your windshield.
  • CHANGE OF SEASON: Weather takes a toll on everything in Alberta. Your wipers need replacement at least 2 times a year [entering winter or summer season].


*NOTE: A cracked windshield may also be a factor in shortening the life of your wipers.”